I am always open to new offers and unexpected trips. If you have an idea for photography - wedding, love story, portrait, contact me in any way convenient for you. I will be happy to bring your craziest photo idea to life.



My phone 

+1 (213) 944-1285




How can I book a shoot?

To book a date for a photo shoot, you first need to write to me on Instagram or SMS to the number indicated on the website. Then we will coordinate the dates and times and you need to make a $50 advance payment if this is your first time at my session.

Can the final cost of a photo shoot differ??

no, the total amount may only change if my services are extended.

What additional amounts can be included in the cost of shooting?

In addition, the cost of shooting includes a travel fee if the location is further than 15 miles from Orange County and is $50 up to 50 miles. If the distance exceeds 50 miles, then each mile is counted as $2.

What to do in case of cancellation??

If cancellation is on your part, then the deposit remains with me. if the cancellation is made on my part, then I return the deposit.